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Product Samples
Below are a selection of product samples for Non-Registered Users.
Our full inventory includes a varied array of small to large basket sets, single to multple use baskets, and a unique collection of designer pieces and accessories, including various types of stakes and trellises. Clicking on a sample category below offers several examples from each group. These are just a few of the many of products you'll find in our full wholesale store. To view our ENTIRE INVENTORY, see pricing options, and place orders, visit our "Request Account" page to register for a wholesale account.
Product Samples

Stakes & Trellises
Set 1 - Product Samples of: - Stakes & Trellises
Bamboo stakes and trellises.
Small Sets
Set 2 - Product Samples of: - Small Sets
Sets starting with 4 inch baskets.
Large Sets
Set 3 - Product Samples of: - Large Sets
Includes sets up to 16 inch baskets.
Single Baskets
Set 4 - Product Samples of: - Single Baskets
A variety of single baskets.
Set 5 - Product Samples of: - Multiples
Baksets that hold multiple 4 to 6 inch pots.
Handled Baskets
Set 6 - Product Samples of: - Handled Baskets
A vareity of handled baskets.
Unique / Designer
Set 7 - Product Samples of: - Unique / Designer
Baskets that are unique or designer oriented.
7 Items Found in Product Samples   

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